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    Action Area 1: Substantially increase access to and uptake of voluntary HIV testing in Australia

    Australia’s first HIV rapid test has just been approved for use in Australia, taking us one step closer to making on-the-spot testing a reality.

    Read more about this long awaited development.


    NSW will become the first state in the country to adopt binding targets to drastically cut new HIV infections.

    Read more.

Melbourne Declaration Update

The Melbourne Declaration on HIV was released 12 months ago, and was endorsed by all leading HIV community, professional, and research organisations.

The Declaration called for Australia's HIV response to be revitalised to take full advantage of game-changing scientific advances in HIV prevention and treatment which for the first time enable us to envision an "AIDS free generation".

One year on, the same collaborating organisations have revisited the four Action Areas of the 2012 Melbourne Declaration and scored the progress Australia has made in each area with marks out of ten. So how are we tracking? 

Read the Melbourne Declaration Update to find out.

As an individual, you can add your signature to the Melbourne Declaration, or as an organisation, have your logo join ours.

The time to act is now!

Sign Now! Read The Melbourne Declaration

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